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The (Road)ster Trip - Atlanta (Part II)

On my way down to Texas, I stopped to Atlanta to have some parts installed at R-Speed. I didn’t do any meetings because I had a lot of work (emails) to take care of and I wasn’t ready to organize anything yet. I also knew I had to stop in the city again on my way back.

I left from New Orleans in the morning, and the weather just kept on getting worse and worse.


But, as I’m a renegade, I kept the top down as long as I could… even if I shouldn’t have.

At one point, we stopped to put the top up as we were starting to get wet. We drove with the top up for a while and had to put gas into the car. We were about 150 miles from Atlanta. The first car failure of this whole trip happened. The Mazda Infotainment System decided to stop working. No more USB charging, no more music and the screen was blacked out. We solved the problem by putting music on the cellphone (mounted using the ZOOM Cellphone Holder) and using the GPS to guide us to our destination.


After I arrived in Atlanta, I parked my car for about an hour and when I drove back, everything was functioning again. Weird. I’ll go to the dealer after my trip to see if we can troubleshoot the issue.

The weather was looking real bad but I decided that I would attend the REV9 Atlanta Meet at Red Brick Brewery despite the rain (it would actually make awesome pictures). The sun coming out (and beer) saved the day!


The meeting was last minute, too early (for Atlanta’s traffic) and under some super sketchy weather conditions. Still, 2 NDs showed as well as 4 NAs (looks like the NBs and NCs were sleeping that day…).

A VW was also up there (the passengers were Miata owners, but their Miatas were broken)…


You could really see a ton of popup headlights… and it looked SO cool!

DSC_0162 DSC_0163

Since we were so few, I took a good shot of every car there:

Black NA on BBS Wheels (and I quote the owner saying “at least it’s not broken”). It sounded pretty good, too!


Red NA #1 on Kosei K1 Wheels that seems to like cutting body panels, haha!


Red NA #2 on (?) Wheels that look pretty nice with the silver/red combo.


Red NA #3 on 949Racing Wheels with Garage Vary Front Lip and Project-G Hardtop Spoiler.


Dark Gray ND on 949Racing Wheels that also had the Integral Kobe Rear Spoiler and (some of) our REV9 Black Chrome Emblems installed on it!

DSC_0159DSC_0145 DSC_0146

Soul Red ND with lowering springs!


And my car that I cleaned with Quick Detailer… haha


It was a fun meeting and super great to meet all the locals in Atlanta. I let the owner of the red ND test drive my car so he could feel the Nielex Knuckle Support and he did seem to like what I had done on the car, and could definitely feel the change in the steering stiffness.

I am now heading to Charleston, South Carolina. I’m planning on doing a meeting there, too. Hopefully we’ll have some people show up, it should be fun! Check out the beginning of this awesome trip in our Roadster Trip section!

Here are more of my artsy shots, enjoy!

DSC_0144 DSC_0153 DSC_0167