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The (Road)ster Trip – Atlanta & Birmingham

After leaving Deal’s Gap (wish I could stay there all year long, the roads are just way too much fun), I headed to Atlanta, Georgia. The total trip before arriving to Atlanta at around 1900 miles on the car. Still running strong and sounding awesome.


During my drive, I took many awesome shots of the car. It’s interesting to see how the Ceramic Metallic color just looks nice even if the car was literally covered in rubber from the previous runs. The new stance of the vehicle just looked right. I can now go pretty fast everywhere without being scared of destroying my bumper or bottoming out.

DSC_0005 DSC_0027 DSC_0031 DSC_0036

I went to a city that’s more precisely called Smyrna to meet an old friend of mine : Joe. Joe is the owner of R-Speed and I visited him to have some parts installed on my car and discuss business stuff!

Before we drove to his shop, I had to take a look at his shop car that’s full of rare JDM parts. The car was fitted with some KG Works Turn Signal Intakes, Enkei92 Wheels, R-Speed Front Lip, KG Works Rear Spoiler and had some pretty awesome Nielex/AWD interior parts (which I forgot to take pictures of…).


After the quick check of both our cars, we drove down to R-Speed’s new location in Smyrna (close to Atlanta downtown):


After the quick visit at the shop, it was time to install some parts I’ve had delivered from Japan especially for this trip. I had the ND RS Factory Stage Chin Spoiler installed (not painted yet) as well as the ND Beatrush Front Tow Hook (as well as the ND Beatrush Rear Tow Hooks, but they were not taken in picture). I basically installed this for the main purpose of saving my front bumper when I’ll park in the city in parallel parking!


Since they don’t have any ND Demo Car, I let R-Speed use my car to test fit their new R-Speed ND Exhaust and it sounded great! The sound level was much lower than my Fujimura Gentle Sound Exhaust, but it still was pretty nice to see and hear. They took videos and more photos, but here’s just a preview of it:


I then took an artsy picture of my car in Atlanta Downtown in front of an abandoned building. Love that shot~


Temperature was quite hot when I left the big city. Even my LCD screen wouldn’t want to work in such conditions…


I then drove about 180 miles to do a stop in Birmingham, Alabama. Temperature was insanely hot, so I had to do a beer stop. Luckily, they had a great choice of beer flights~

blog6 blog7

And then, I decided to test my stomach and eat some Chicken & Waffles. That was a terrible decision.


A train stopped me and that was about it for Birmingham.


I only stayed about 12 hours total in Birmingham (including my sleep time) as I needed to be in Houston for the first official REV9 Autosport meet! You can check my previous Roadster Trip posts if you haven't seen them and follow our event schedule on the REV9 Autosport facebook page!