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RS Arrive Shop Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

Arrive is one very innovative shop making awesome parts for NA, NB, NC and recently for ND Miatas. They really make awesome products that look neat (OEM-like) and are very functional. I have to apologize for the bad pictures, but the place was PACKED.

They had their new ND Demo Car in Soul Red that is rocking some beautiful Advan RZ 16x8 +35 Wheels in Gunmetal Color. Car looked perfect and functional, as usual.


The interior featured their Prototype ND Aftermarket Steering Wheel Controls that works with the OEM stereo and will control volume, information & change tracks. Pretty nice for those who want a racing setup, but still want to use the steering controls. It was all installed onto a Nardi Classico Steering Wheel.

DSC_0592 DSC_0593

They also had some cool products for older generations MX-5 on display:

Arrive Air/Water & Oil/Voltage Gauge Combo that integrates into the NA or NB dashboard and looks OEM!

DSC_0594 DSC_0595

Prototype Arrive Eunos VIN Plates that are customized for every customer. Available in metal or plexiglass finish as well as key chain!


Prototype ND Steering Wheel Controls for MOMO Steering Wheel that comes with all possible controls for the ND Mazda Infotainment System such as calling functions/Bluetooth and audio.

DSC_0597 DSC_0598

We hope you enjoyed our feature of RS Arrive Demo Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016!