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The Road(Ster) Trip – NYC & Philadelphia

I’d like to apologize for the time it takes me to create the blog posts. With all the travelling and great people I met, I tried to take some time for myself. I’m doing this blog post related to the 2 meetings that I did in both New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA.

I also noticed it took me hours to make those blog posts every time, so, in the future, I’ll show the highlights, showcase customers and post rest of the pictures I took on a facebook photo album!

Let’s start with the first one;

New York City

The meeting was organized in coordination with my friend Jameson which is a long-time customer and I never had the chance to meet in person. The meeting was held in beautiful Astoria Park in the Bronx. The location was just outside of Manhattan island with beautiful view of bridges;

The meeting was held on a Thursday night and I’m proud to say it is the most popular REV9 Meet ever organized!

People kept on coming, to a point where parking was a big issue!

At one point, we even parked the cars on the bicycle lane… because Miata > Bicycles.

Here are some cars worth mentioning (I wish I could do it for all of them, but my time is limited…)

The lonewolf (I am not sure if he was part of the meet or just was here at the same time… he did not stay very long)

A true Japanese culture fan:

Some fearless people with static suspensions (it’s New York roads afterall)…

A beautifully modded ND with red Rays MTE37 16” Wheels, Garage Vary Type-2 Front Lip, Bride Low Max Seats, DAMD Suede Steering Wheel and many more mods…!

Jonathan’s Ceramic Metallic ND with 1993LE Red Nakamae Sports Seat Covers! So classy.

A NB with a really nice paint job… that color was perfect on there!

Kevin’s NA with beautiful Jet Stream Original Headlights, Garage Vary Front Lip & Enkei RPF1 14”!


Jameson’s NA with REV9 OE-Style Fender Flares, Enkei RPF1 14” Wheels and lots of other goodies (yes, there was a cone on the top)!

This NA just had so many stuff on it that I have to showcase it;


I also saw (very late) a very good customer’s interior that was built over a long time with a lot of very rare parts sourced at REV9 (sorry for bad pictures)! The car was pristine, with a fresh paint job! It’s pretty sad I don’t have any good picture of it.

And, of course, the REV9 Demo Car with Advan RZ 17” Wheels, Rallybacker Low Ducktail Spoiler & TK Style Carbon Front Lip.


The meeting finished up pretty late. I am glad SO MANY people showed up, it was such a fun event!

You can see rest of NYC Meeting Photos by clicking this link : REV9 NYC Meeting Photos. (coming soon)

I also did a photoshoot of my car in beautiful New York City, you can see it here : ND RF Project Classy.


Now, let’s check the 2nd meet that was held just a few days later. It was much smaller too, but the place was awesome for pictures!


I arrived early, so did a little photoshoot of my car…

The meeting was held at Evil Genius Brewing and their location as well as beers were pretty awesome.

We’ve had about ~10 person to attend the meeting and it was really fun!

A red & slammed NA arrived at one point and it was VERY loud… when the owner showed me the 13B engine in the engine bay, I was amazed. It’s probably the neatest setup I ever had the chance to see… it took him 3 years to get the car to this point:

He came accompanied by another very neat car….

Perfect couple, isn’t it?

At last, someone arrived almost when everyone was gone, he drove a few hours to meet us, and his car was pristine. The color is not mariner blue, it’s a variation of it. And the interior was black before being changed for tan… it was a really beautiful piece!

You can see rest of Philly Meeting Photos by clicking this link : REV9 Philadelphia Meeting Photos. (coming soon)

I hope you enjoyed this double blog post! I did it very quickly as I’m trying to catch up with the meetings that were held in Virginia Beach, Deal’s Gap, Atlanta & Charleston. I also need to prepare for the upcoming meeting in Miami and Tampa Bay! I also want to say that I am sorry I cannot showcase every single car on my blog posts, but if you came to the meeting, I hope you’ll see yourself in the photo album!