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Red Seat Covers for my 2016 ND Miata

When I ordered my 2016 ND MX-5 Shop Car, I knew I wanted to have a more unique look than what Mazda offered. I choose the Autowear Seat Covers because they are in synthetic leather and the color is pretty vivid!
(Although I have red stitching on my seats as an option, I wanted something different).

I was not a huge fan of the tan leather option and wanted a bit of contrast in my interior. That’s why I got myself some Autowear Seat Covers for 2016 ND. It was available in Black Leather & Red Stitching, but I wanted to try something more “punchy”!
aw_001 (With windows closed, it’s still a bit noticeable).

Installation was super easy, took less than 1 hour to install BOTH seats. I’ve never installed something so easily on my car. You can read the installation instructions here.aw_002(The look is pretty nice, contrasts really well with the Ceramic Metallic color).

The look of the seats is really neat. For “not so expensive” seat covers, they look really great and don’t “cheap out” your interior at all.aw_003(As you can see, the covers go under the plastics from the seats which integrate them very well to the interior).

Depending on the lighting, they will show as super bright red or regular red.

aw_005(The red is very vivid, as you can see).

It really gives a cool look to the vehicle, making it much more unique than before.aw_006


When parked indoor, the small amount of light these seats will receive really do brighten the interior!

aw_009(I gotta love that “evil look” picture)!

Here are some other shots for viewing pleasure:



As far as seating position, these sure add a small amount of synthetic leather between the original seat and you, but the most drastic part is that the center part of the seat is now a bit tighter and the middle “floats” a bit over the original seat, making it a bit more comfortable at the same time. The material of the seat cover is non-slippery which is nice and it feels very tight on the seats. Also, the seats do not reduce the sound coming from the headrest speakers by much. I still can hear people clearly when talking over Bluetooth.

These Autowear Seat Covers are available for the ND (2016+) Miata, but also available for the NA (1989-1997) Miata as well as the NC (2006-2015) Miata.

You can follow our build on this blog using this link.