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New aerodynamics and muffler for the ND Shop Car & Byebye

I always enjoyed seeing cars with nice front lips. With my current ride height, I needed to make sure I had a front lip that would allow me some clearance and was looking for a clean look.

I opted for a new front lip that just got released not long ago, the TK Style Carbon Fiber ND Front Lip. It installs over the OEM front diffusers and just required a bit of drilling at hidden bumper spots to fit. You can install it within 30 minutes and it looks amazing :

Many people think it’s the Mazdaspeed ND Front Lip, but it’s got a different shape and lays flat with a slight raise in the middle to provide with more clearance.

It completes the look of the front end pretty nicely.

And, as you can see, it follows the shape of the front bumper, too!

I also decided to install the Odula Carbon Fiber ND Rear Diffuser as I wanted a more aggressive look for the rear end of the vehicle.

This piece took about 10 minutes to install, it only requires drilling at 6 different points:

It’s pretty hard to take good pictures of it, due to the high contrast of the Ceramic Metallic light color.

Lastly, I installed a muffler from my friend at Integral Kobe : the Integral Kobe Type-US ND Exhaust. This is called Type-US because it’s aimed for the overseas market since it’s not legal in Japan (sound level). It’s not overly loud, and in my opinion, it’s just perfect.

Look at the quality of the product :

It has a very unusual angled tip but looks pretty cool once installed with the laser cut logo:

I do not have a sound clip yet, because when we tried to do it, we hit a nail on the road and got a flat tire. Now, we will be able to do a sound clip about it very soon, but we have to warn you, it sounds extremely good. A full review of the muffler will be done soon!

It was sad to do, but the ND Soft Top is now back to stock and for sale at our local dealership.

Here is one last picture in all its glory:

This will be the last blog post about our Soft Top ND Demo Car (Project Clubman) because the car is now retired (back to Mazda dealership) and we now are working on our new ND RF Project Car (Project Classy). More updates coming soon!