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Garage Vary at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

Garage Vary really has stepped up their game in the previous year, especially with their ND (2016+) Roadster parts. They built a really nice car for Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, and it did not change by much for Karuizawa meeting, but, now, most of the parts are production ready!


The demo car is running their ND Type-3 (Glide) Front Lip with integrated canards. The one on their demo car is actually unique for the fact that it’s made out of Carbon Fiber (will never be sold to the public).


They introduced their new ND Ram Air Intake that will pick fresh air from the front grille as well as the small opening from the hood. It’s a really nice system that has A LOT of work behind it.

DSC_0519 DSC_0520 DSC_0521 DSC_0522

The car was also rocking their ND Vented Front Fenders which really suit the vehicle nicely and improves aerodynamics.


Their ND Emotional Low GT Wing was also installed directly on their ND Aero Vented Rear Bumper to give a really aggressive rear end to the car.

DSC_0528 DSC_0529

Finally, they introduced me to a new line of ND Interior Products; the REAL Japan Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel and the REAL Japan Stainless Steel Shift Knob!

DSC_0516 DSC_0517

Also, as usual, they brought the whole family of small cars with them : NC Go Kart & 2x NC Pedal Cars:


Hope you enjoyed this feature on Garage Vary ND Demo Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016!